The moral of the story: one who lives their life with a fire for flavour, for their friends, in fervent felicity,
and in favor of adventure is the same who drinks ‘foxly’ wines.



Stay tuned for foxly’s adventures.
We are planning to bring you live events, unique merchandise, whimsical stories, and awesome wine.

The craft of foxly wine is driven by good times, sunshine, and happy vibes with one goal in mind: tasty wine in your glass that complements your everyday affairs. Add a spark of excitement to your lazy weekends by the water, wintry Wednesday evenings reading all nestled in the den or impromptu dinners with your best friend. If you like delicious wine, made by reputable and practiced winemakers, at an affordable price point, then this is for you. Be among the first to try our new label, add an awesome selection of ready-to-drink vino to your roster.

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