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    July News

It is now July and our vineyards are progressing right on schedule. Bloom took place two weeks ago and we are now seeing a great fruit set in our vineyard. Despite a wetter than normal June the temperatures stayed relatively warm. This was a welcome change from the 2011 vintage when we didn’t see bloom until early July. We are now putting the final touches on our 2011 Chardonnay and 2010 Pinot Noirs for bottling later this month. This year we will be bottling three Pinot Noirs. The Foxtrot Vineyard and Erickson Vineyard Pinot Noirs as well as a new reserve bottling. This reserve bottling is from two Foxtrot Vineyard barrels we felt stood out from the rest. Total production of this wine is estimate to be fifty cases.

Foxtrot Vineyards wines were recently reviewed by wine writer John Schreiner and wine blogger Shea Coulson with John also writing about our participation in the upcoming Taste Victoria wine tasting at Crystal Garden. Excerpts from their reviews can be found below:

    John Schreiner at John Schreiner on Wine:

Foxtrot Erickson Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008 ($45.95). The grapes for this wine come from a vineyard not far north of the Foxtrot vineyard. Perhaps because of differing viticultural practices, the wine is a little lighter than the estate Pinot Noir from Foxtrot, but still quite elegant. It has appealing aromas of strawberries and cherries which carry through to the flavours, along with a hint of toastiness, spice and mocha. The texture is silky. 90.

Foxtrot Pinot Noir 2009 ($54.95). The wine announces itself with dramatic aromas of cherry, spice, mocha and French oak. The wine is rich and fleshy on the palate, delivering flavours of cherry, strawberry and spice with a sultry elegance. If ever there is a wine to elope with, this is it. 95.

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    Shea Coulson at Just Grapes Wine wrote:

Foxtrot: I ignore all hype in the world of B.C. wine (a realm populated with far too many sycophants), which is perhaps why, despite the hype, this winery has gone unnoticed and unappreciated by me for so long. That was a loss for me. These guys are making wines at a totally different level from everyone else in the Okanagan. Foxtrot’s Chardonnay and two Pinot Noirs would perform extremely well in a blind tasting with very good wines from Burgundy and Oregon. These wines have a balance, structure and flavour complexity that I have never encountered before in B.C. wine. In fact, these are the only wines in that I would join a mailing list for in the Province and drink on a regular basis. Highly impressive and highly recommended.

Wines tried (I’ve starred my favourites): Wapiti Cellars 2010 Viognier (full range of varietal characteristics, but well structured – a unique but authentic take on the grape); *2010 Foxtrot Chardonnay Coolshanagh Vineyards (with fruit from Naramata, this tastes like a fine white Burgundy, complete with white flowers and proper acid-balance); 2008 Erickson Pinot Noir (very similar to a good Oregon Pinot); *2009 Foxtrot Pinot Noir (Estate grown in Naramata. Richer and bolder than the Erickson, but also more complex and balanced. Not over ripe or over extracted).

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