Burgundy Vintages

Burgundy Vintages: A History from 1845

Doug Barzelay, a noted connoisseur and wine collector, is the co-author, with ‘Burghound’ Allen Meadows, of Burgundy Vintages-A History From 1845. In writing Vintages, Doug has drawn on nearly a half-century of wisdom from tasting older Burgundies first-hand. His passion for and knowledge of the great (and less great) Burgundy vintages is virtually unparalleled, and he has been instrumental in organizing numerous comprehensive tastings, including retrospectives of Romanée-Conti back to 1870, La Romanée to 1865, and Clos de Tart to 1887. His knowledge of Burgundian history was also critical in helping to unmask one of the largest wine frauds ever, perpetrated by the notorious wine counterfeiter, Rudy Kurniawan, an experience he wrote about in ‘The Rise and Fall of a Wine Counterfeiter‘, an essay available at www.oldvinenotes.com.

Take home this beautifully bound tome, a reference text including tastings notes for once-in-a-lifetime bottles, vintage reviews, and an in-depth explanation of the historical elements which contributed to the regional developments of today’s most revered vineyards.

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