Hidden underground in the hillside Foxtrot’s winery was designed by Torsten Allander to ensure constant temperature and humidity year round. The family’s belief is that their winery should be a continuation of the vineyard, and that the focus on quality should continue in the facility where Foxtrot grapes become Foxtrot wine.

It is Foxtrot Vineyard’s goal to create wines with exceptional balance and structure and show great beauty and long life. Achieving this style requires a great attention to detail, from the moment the grapes arrive on the crush-pad until the finished wine is bottled.

All grapes which enter the winery are picked in “small lots” and kept separate through destemming, fermentation, and aging. This allows Gustav to build additional complexity into the wine through selection of different yeasts and oak best suited to each block and lot. The wine spends 15-16 months in the oak allowing for full integration of flavours and softening of the wine. A further year is spent in the bottle before release to ensure a harmonious wine that can be enjoyed now or for years to come.

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