Foxtrot Cornucopia Vertical

Foxtrot Vineyards’ winemaker Gustav Allander conducted a vertical tasting of Foxtrot and Henricsson vineyard Pinot Noirs at Whistler Cornucopia.  The tasting was moderated by renowned wine and food guru Sid Cross.

Tasting Order & Wine Comments

  1. 2005 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (drink now or hold)
  2. 2007 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (drink now or hold)
  3. 2008 Henricsson/Erickson Vineyard Pinot Noir (drink now)
  4. 2009 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (drink now or hold)
  5. 2010 Henricsson (Erickson) Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)
  6. 2010 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)
  7. 2011 Henricsson Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)
  8. 2011 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)
  9. 2012 Henricsson Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)
  10. 2012 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir (hold)

All of the wines in the tasting showed exceptionally well and a big thank you should go out to the Cornucopia staff for ensuring the wines were at the perfect serving temperature.  The 2005 Foxtrot Vineyard Pinot Noir had plenty of life left in it and had pleasant earthy undertones to complement the fruit.  For the lucky few who still have this vintage in their cellars it can be drank now but can also be aged for another few years.  The 2008 Erickson Vineyard Pinot Noir showed beautifully with great elegance and purity of fruit.  The panel felt this vintage was at its peak and should be drank now.

The tasting panel was especially excited for the aging potential of the later vintages of both the Foxtrot Vineyard and Henricsson Pinot Noirs with particular emphasis on the Foxtrot Vineyard wines.  With the additional maturity of the vines along with some changes in the winemaking techniques these vintages should prove to be even longer lived than the already impressive first vintages.

Foxtrot vineyards was blessed to have Mr. Ritchie Younger, Grand Sénéchal of the Vancouver Sous Commanderie Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, who echoed the sentiments of Sid Cross and Foxtrot’s winemaker Gustav Allander on the age worthiness of the Foxtrot Pinot Noirs and generously compared the wines to some of the top Burgundy Pinot Noirs.

Overall the vertical tasting was a tremendous success and we look forward to doing another tasting in the future.

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